Volcanic Ash Hot Sauce “Socially Distanced” Edition – 4oz Jar


Volcanic Ash “Socially Distanced” edition responded to the Pandemic period as did the rest of us. This batch, while still rich with the smoky goodness of Ash, decided to socially distance itself from itself. In essence, the sauce separated, or ‘broke’ in the cook. Flavor wise, it is spot on, but visually it is not emulsified properly. Thus, the oil has “socially distanced” itself a bit.

As a result of this cooking mishap (thanks COVID) we are discounting the product. You can still enjoy “Socially Distanced” Ash as you would the O.G. version, just be aware it was/is as stressed out as we all are thanks to the chaos of COVID. Give it a shake or a stir and you’ll be just fine!

But be warned – we won’t be making this edition again (knock on wood). So get it, enjoy it, and much like the pandemic, pray that it never breaks again during the cook. (The 4oz is the smaller jar in this photo.)

Volcanic Ash Hot Sauce

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