Volcanic Ash Hot Sauce “Blonde” Limited Edition – 8oz Jar


Volcanic Ash “Blonde” is an experimental, one time variation of the O.G. traditional Ash.  Our Blonde variation still packs a great punch but has a bit less of the deeply browned sweetness. It is loaded with caramelized onions and garlic with the sizzling, intense heat of fresh habanero peppers, the full-bodied richness of premium olive oil and a just a touch of sea salt – it’s just a little bit lighter on the eye and on the palate. This rich, luxurious ‘blonde’ version of our hot sauce is layered and complex, with a solid heat and without a doubt, unlike any hot sauce you have ever tasted. Try it on everything! Love Blonde? Get The Ash!

Twice as nice, the 8oz jar of “Blonde Ash” will keep true fans flowing in Habanero deliciousness for quite some time. But be warned – we know you’ll soon be coming back for more of that sweet, fiery heat…this is a single batch product – once it’s gone – it’s gone for good! So get some “Blonde Ash” while you still can!

Volcanic Ash Blonde Hot Sauce

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